My name is Vents and I am a freelance web designer and Webflow developer.

Web design should be functional, purposeful, and made to order.

If that sounds like you, get in touch, let's discuss your idea.



From start to finish

Full Service

- From concept to final product

- Built with SEO at heart

- Upkeep and growth

Let your personality shine

Unique Designs

- Every site custom made

- Features tailored to your needs

- Be involved along the way

reach wider audience

Mobile Ready

-Built for mobile from the ground up

-Mobile website use now over 50%

-Rank higher for search engines

there for all your needs

Ongoing Support

- Maintenance and troubleshooting

- Google Analytics implemented

- Training for staff to use Webflow CMS




hand-made, all-natural cosmetics

-Website design.

-Website development.

-Promotional video - shoot and edit.

-Product photos - shoot and edit.

-Logo design based on clients' notes.

-Technical support and upgrades.

-Staff trained to work with Webflows CMS.

Sapphic Tantra

Women who love women

- Website Design

- Website Development

- Design System

- Logo Design

- SEO Optimaziation

- Native Comment System

- Blog

- Staff trained to work with Webflow CMS

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Quantum Pixel

Pitch for ai start up site

-Dummy landing page made to illustrate how a local business site could look like.

-Ideal for a cafe. restaurant, flower shop, or bar.

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potential portfolio site

-Dummy landing page made to illustrate artists' portfolio site.

-Ideal for a photographer, dancer or band.

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Founder and Designer of Arhinatural


"It was a challenge for anyone to create our online presence but Vents managed perfectly. "

Founder and CEO of Sapphic Tantra


"From start to finish, the experience was excellent. The design came out better than I could have hoped for! "

My Brother


"Not bad. I have seen better but you have to start somewhere. You think people will pay you money for this?"


How does this work, exactly?

It depends on your needs.

Firstly, you get in touch with me via the contact form or send me an email directly.
The message should include a rough description of what you have in mind and when you would like it to be ready.

Then we set a time and date for a proper conversation where we discuss the size, requirements, and general direction of your project and what will it take to make it a reality.

From there we agree on a price and I go to work. 

What services do you offer?

I offer full service when it comes to creating your website.

That includes design, development, hosting, maintenance, SEO planning, analytics, and future growth.

Plus I offer photo and video services for clients near my area.

I design in Figma and develop in Webflow.

I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects for illustrations, photos, and motion graphics.

Da Vinci Resolve for video editing.

Custom CSS and JavaScript are used where necessary.

I am a design agency all in one, for a fracture of the cost.

How much will it cost?

Good news!

I have been making websites for friends and family for 2 years, but only recently started doing it professionally. 

That means I am still building my portfolio and reputation. What that implies for you is half price in comparison to similar quality work and design. 

There are still Webflow hosting prices, that you can find here. We can discuss this in detail later as there are other hosting options, but it does depend on the necessities of your project. 

So for the final price, please, get in touch. I am sure you won't be disappointed. 

Lets discuss your idea

it all begins here

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